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Top 7 Women’s Bodybuilding Misconceptions

By | January 1, 2016

The top 7 women’s bodybuilding misconceptions might be keeping you from working out effectively. If you understand these common misconceptions, you will understand the benefits of strength training and cardio activity, along with healthy nutrition, for better women’s health and fitness.

Misconception #1: You will “bulk up” like a man.

While there are many women bodybuilders, if you want to get that “six pack abs” look, then your body fat levels need to be below 14% and you will have a grueling daily strength-intensity regiment. However, healthy strength training for better woman’s health and fitness only involves 30 minutes of hard strength training, weekly. Your muscle tone will be firmer, enhancing your feminine contours. You will not be bulked up, as most people tend to believe.

Misconception #2: You have to work out hard every day, to see any difference.

Since your muscle tone is enhanced through the “healing” process after strength training, you only need to work the muscles hard, once a week for half an hour, to see results. Your body needs time to recover and rest after a hard workout, but you will see your flabby body turn firmer and more contoured, over a period of time.

Misconception #3: You need to eat high sugar foods for extra energy before your workout.

While you need enough energy to get through a tough workout, foods that are rich in nutrients are essential for woman’s health and fitness. This is what keeps your blood sugar levels normal and you will have plenty of energy if you eat complex carbohydrates. Stay away from the sugary sodas, food bars and any other forms of simple sugar.

Misconception #4: Women shouldn’t weight-train because it makes you less flexible.

Weight training can be helpful for anyone when done correctly. You can push your muscles to their limits, but not any further or you risk damage. While you might be stiff as your muscles are in the “healing” stage, you will increase flexibility if you use weights properly.

Misconception #5: Your muscle will turn to fat, if you quit your strength training!

Another of the top 7 woman’s body building misconceptions that people have about building muscle. Muscles go through changes where they gradually adapt and grow with proper strength training. However, without strength training, muscles will shrink over time, causing your fat cells become more obvious. So, they may appear to “turn to fat”, however it is that the lipids stored in fat cells become increased as the workout levels decrease, along with the muscle tissues shrink.

Misconception #6: If you focus your bodybuilding workout, you can spot reduce.

Some women think you can focus only on a certain area and do spot reductions, such as trimming their waistline. However, this is not exactly true. Your workout can firm the muscles through the mid-section and all over your body; the fact is you need to reduce your fat levels all over, which means you have to cut your calorie intake so that it is less than what you burn during a workout.

Misconception #7: It can take months of bodybuilding exercises to see results.

We are out own worst critics and never realize the results for months. However, the fact is you can see results fairly quickly, once you start a weekly strength training workout with cardio activity. A healthy, well-balanced diet is important to enhance better muscle definition, as part of a plan for better woman’s health and fitness.

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